I will include in his forum and in other forums with a PRIME Hyper-LINK from precisely here, the reasoning for this expansion. It is basically a result of analysizing an actual situation from my experience.


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We expanded to the all encompassing Global FREEDOM & INDEPENDENCE from GOVERNMENT CRIME/CORRUPTION Self Help NETWORK Forums, as an essential step to confronting this MAMMOTH CORRUPTION in Australia. Before this corruption can be adequately confronted, the ORIGINS of, the NATURE of and IMPORTANTLY, what is the SUPPORT for this CORRUPTION, MUST BE FULLY UNDERSTOOD.

Corrupt judges and magistrates do not occur and operate in a vacuum. Effective corruption occurs in a network. It must be tackled in its full extent. Identifying single elements, means that element, if excised, will be replaced by the corrupt network. We will consider all aspects of the corrupt network.

The Practical view from the experience of Queensland and Australian labor corruption. KEVIN RUDD is an integral part of it. BEWARE of KEVIN RUDD. He has gained from CRIME & CORRUPTION.

PERSONAL FREEDOM by its very nature is not organized. Corruption is the antithesis of FREEDOM & INDEPENDENCE. I speak now from experience of the ENDEMIC AUSTRALIAN CORRUPTION. Corruption continues only because it is organized. The central component of that corruption organization in Australia, is the Association of labor Lawyers. There are some international links, but it is directed from within Australia. It confirms the adage that 'United we stand, divided we fall."

It operates very much in secret behind 'closed doors'. It has a very rigid pecking order and rigorous allegences. Just ask Merri Rose

Organised Crime at any time is difficult to defeat. If that organized crime happens to be also the GOVERNMENT, [the THREE or FOUR PILLARS] then there would have been in the past, no way to defeat it, as the Government determines the Polce force, the Director of Public Procesutions, and the Judges. Publicity of evil has a very sterilizing effect, like UV light. Now with the advent of the Internet, much wiskedness in this world can be publicized and sterilized. While censorship is very difficult with the internet, some wicked individuals still try. One evil individual who has tried is Detective Superintendent Brian Hay, of the Queensland Police's Fraud and Corporate Crime Group.

The Theory of Government, Law and Justice underpinning this INSTANCE of CLASSICAL POLITICAL CORRUPTION.
Jurisprudence Theory speaks of the THREE PILLARS of Government. They are each interrelated, like the kids' game of scissors, paper, stone. Unlike the kids' game the relationship is more complex and not consistent. In government, theoretically, each can over-rule the other two in some circumstances.

In any system of Government, the three pillars are RULE MAKING [parliament], RULE ENFORCEMENT [the executive including the police, and military], and the process of punishing breach and arbitrating conflict [the judicial function consisting of courts, tribunals [non-administrative], judges, and the legal profession, who are admitted as 'officers of the court'].

The Justice or judicial system is just one of these pillars. None is consistently superior to the other two. [In fact, my belief is that there is a FOURTH PILLAR that is CONSISTENTLY SUPERIOR to the other three, and that is LOGIC. LOGIC is a PILLAR not merely an overlay.]

The 'group' who forms government in the Australian State of Queensland, where I was born and raised, and Australia, have the majority of members, in the Lower House in bicameral system or in the only house as in Queensland where the upper house was abolished by labor. That group then forms the 'executive' or 'government administration' of Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries, in the 'Westminister System of Government that we inherited from Britain.. So they now have control of two of the three pillars sewn up. As well as this, this 'group' also appoint the 'Director of Public Prosecutions [DPP], and judges. No-one would expect them to appoint anyone to be a judge if that person was opposed to them. They effectively have the third pillar in the bag also.

If Queensland had an Upper house, that could be a restriction on the excesses we find in Queensland, as it could have a different political flavour. The Concept in the US of an elected President and hence administration, could add an extra element of different political flavour. In the US, if both houses and the president are not of the same political persuasion, legislation passes only with negotiation, and so mitigates against excesses. The judicial function can also mitigate against excess outcomes of legislation, depending on the political persuasion of the majority, or any particular judge.

By the very nature of the employed administration, or public service, of government, an individual's initiative cannot be rewarded. People with initiative potential will not be found in the public service. Hence, it is found that the public service 'selects' those with much lesser potential to have initiative and so this lot, can improve their lot in life only by being given value or stealing it. These are the unions of the labor party and democrat slice of society. These are the same type of people, we call bludgers in Australia. These make up Union members. The BIG US car companies have been pandering to these UAW demands for too long and now are coming to the US government for a handout/bailout. This will be back door nationalization of the US auto industry, come April, 2009. [This is written 20081222,] The UAW will not permit the companies to meet the demands of government, prior to that, so government will do a deal with the UAW, to 'nationalize' or 'mutualize for the UAW', the US auto industry, via bankruptcy. This will be the beginning of the end of the US as a power nation.

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