District Court Judge Julie Maree Dick & CORRUPT POLICE

The corrupt Australian labor Party of the corrupt Kevin Rudd has gained power in Queensland and Australia over the years, due to labor inspired fraud, graft and corruption. The Queensland police by the actions of Detective Superintendent Brian Hay, of the Queensland Police's Fraud and Corporate Crime Group, has escalated their corruption Internationally by making CRIMINAL REPRESENTATIONS TO GOOGLE. Because the Security of theUnited States of America could be jeopardized by the actions of Kevin Rudd, this escalation of the corruption will necessarily involve the CIA [Central Intelligence Agency] and the FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation].

District Court Judge Julie Maree Dick & CORRUPT POLICE

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District Court Judge Julie Maree Dick is the wife of the criminal multiple perjurer, TERRY MELLIFONT aka Terence Joseph Mellifont aka TJ Mellifont], who, since he was a member of the Association of labor Lawyers, gained great political favour which has prevented his going to jail for his labor party inspired perjury to protect corrupt police with whom he was conspiring to regularily break the criminal law of Queensland to gain profit for himself and benefit for the labor party. She would have studied his cases which were setting precedents for the striking off of lawyers, during her law studies. She too was a member of the Association of labor Lawyers. As such, she knew the political patronage Mellifont gained from the corrupt labor government of Wayne Goss, for whom Kevin Rudd was, at that time, Chief of Staff.

Kevin Rudd was up to his neck in corruption, So, when Julie Dick married Terence Joseph Mellifont, she knew he was corrupt and an incompetent criminal, but that he gained msssive political patronage from the labor party. Clearly, that move has not been bad for her 'legal career'. The Qld labor government promoted the wife of Mellifont, this Julie Dick to be a judge of the District Court in Qld

Has District Court Judge Julie Dick been involved in Electoral Fraud? Since she is married to a criminal, propably many lawyers would kmow that. I wonder how many advise their clients who appear before Judge Julie Dick/Mellifont, that she is married to a criminal, and that there is strong documentary evidence that she, herself, is involved in Electoral Fraud.

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