"Professional' Corruption in Sydney & HIH FRAUD

by Fariborz Moshfeghi Nejad /.

My name is Fariborz Moshfeghi Nejad. I am Persian by birth. I have been cheated of million of dollars by fraudulent parasites who set out to defraud whoever they could. That was their 'business plan'. This involved a series of companies, and close association with fraudulent 'professionals'; lawyers, accountants, 'Insolvency' firms and individuals, who were assisted in their criminal ideals by corrupt court registry staff and corrupt judges. The details of these events are now online

The above photo is of me with a card wishing Marcus Einfeld a 'fond farewell'; as he was about to enter court where he would be sentenced. I have been cheated by the deliberate acts of Marcus Einfeld, who worked in conjunction with Rodney Adler [and others], to defraud many people including myself.

Above is a photo of the
Darling Harbour Retail Complex and my 'Green and Gold' retail shops. These, together with my other retail businesses, had a conservative value of over $20 million. I, and my extended family, who were all working with me, and part owners, in these businesses have been defrauded of the total value.

While this forum is solely for my comments, I have established another forum to enable you to add your comments to what I have to say about fraud of me in this, my adopted country. I welcome your comments.

"Professional' Corruption in Sydney & HIH FRAUD

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This I will detail, soon.
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