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Postby russellm » Sun Aug 17, 2008 12:33 pm

You may need to read this a few times, but do not try to remember it all. Just read it quickly, and look at a few of the links.
I too have been cheated by the corrupt legal system. I had to gain an LLB to fully understand it. I am a Mathematician with an LLB. When you have been cheated by the legal system, the courts are NOT the way to win. I discovered that by hard experience. The only use of courts can be to 'rubber stamp' your win when you have won. THE COURTS ARE CORRUPT; all with a SECRET AGENDA.

Don't expect to win all, at once, either. It is easier to do a bit at a time and publish that. You keep publishing small incidents, [of the nature I indicate below], in this SelfHelpJustice Bulletin Board [BB] and interlink them with hyper links, as explained on this link. Each new incident should be linked back to your previous 'incident reports' and ALL of them if more than one. You can go into your previous posts on this BB or any of the BBs on our Global Internet Self Help Justice Network, and EDIT that post to include links to the URL of your new post. Viewers, readers, do not want to see a great narrative that is there for them to read. They just won't bother starting to read it.

Your case can be broken down into many 'incidents', which are complete within themselves, but definitely not your 'whole story'. You pick your best incident; say a CRIME AGAINST YOU WITH CONCLUSIVE IRRERUTABLE EVICENCE. The best one will be the one of the incidents where you have been cheated, AND YOU have TOTALLY CONCLUSIVE IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE, OF THE illegal act, better if a CRIMINAL act, that has been perpetrated against you. Such evidence will include PHOTOGRAPHS, copies of THEIR DOCUMENTS, even letters from them to yourself. Often, you may not know the exact law that applies to show the CRIME. I have the benefit of having studied law.

It is no good if no-one but you cares that this has occurred. SELF INTEREST is the best motivator. So, ATTACK the wrong doer, better still if the FACTS PROVE THE WRONG DOER A CRIMINAL.. This is where our Shonks and Shysters BB comes into play. I have concurrently with this posting, posted suggested guidelines of how to use the Shonks and Shysters Bulletin Board [BB] to help you WIN and BEAT the CHEAT.

No one will be able to prove that YOU ARE THE CREATOR of these postings. It could be a friend of yours who knows your situation, or anyone else. You just don't admit anything. REFUSE TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS. See what our correspondent FENRIS had to say and his reference to an accurate and entertaining VIDEO As well, the server on which these websites are situated, can change from country to country. As far as that goes, the OWNER of the account with ULTIMATE control of this website can change also. I have a long way to go before I have won back everything of which I have been cheated. I am not about to 'pull the plug' anytime soon.

As you publish the 'incidents' on this BB or any of our BBs, you will feel a sense of achievement. You will start to receive some 'feedback', from maybe the CRIMINAL or other people, friends, who have read it. That 'feedback' will very much determine how you progress your matter. It is like a game of chess. You cannot plan all your moves ahead, without knowing what transpires. You determine your subsequent actions on what the criminal does or on the feedback you receive.

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