Free Paul Cortez

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Free Paul Cortez

Postby Fenris » Sat Aug 16, 2008 4:24 pm

Paul Cortez condemned to an 8 x 6 cell for a murder he did not commit


On November 27, 2005, 25-year-old Paul Vincent Cortez endured an unthinkable devastation: his girlfriend, Catherine Woods, was found gruesomely murdered in her Upper East Side Manhattan apartment.

The next morning, Paul's mother delivered this crippling news to him at work. In the midst of his devastation and grief, Paul made his way down to the police station in an attempt to find answers as well as assist in any way that he could.

Desperate for police to find Catherine’s killer and hoping that even the smallest detail might prove illuminating, Paul freely opened himself to six hours of interrogation.

The police continued to sweep the apartment, but no relevant DNA, surveillance videos, or any other illuminating evidence surfaced. Perhaps this would have been different if they chose to test the blond hairs found in Catherine's hand at the murder scene, or the DNA found under her fingernails.

Despite his candor, because of his close relationship with Catherine, Police informed Paul that he was one of two prime suspects: the other being Catherine's ex-boyfriend and roommate David. Certain that his innocence would inevitably clear him in the investigation, Paul continued to cooperate with police without legal representation. He endured hours of intense interrogation, allowed his hands and body to be photographed, volunteered his DNA, handed over his cell phone, and permitted the police to search his apartment without a warrant.


Please help Paul in his struggle for justice in any way you can. There is a time limit for an appeal and Paul's opportunity is running out. The Free Paul Cortez group are trying to fund raise in order to afford a competent attorney and help him avoid spending his life in prison for a crime he did not commit. They have a committed attorney but are trying to raise the money needed for the monumental task of hiring experts, investigators, do DNA testing, and prepare documents. They are in need of help in any form and are appealing to all caring people to join this campaign.


If only Paul had seen this site and watched the videos before talking to the police: ... uldnt.html
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