BrisConnections & FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD?

This is the Canadian segment or STRATUM of the SELF HELP JUSTICE WebSite and Bulletin Board. Together with the Dob in a Shonk Bulletin Board - Canadian Segment on the Shonks and Shysters Exposed website, and the Rate Canadian Judges website, it comprises the HEART of the Global Internet Self Help JUSTICE NETWORK (Canadian Stratum), where the whole conept is explained in detail together with all the links. Users can do a little at a time until they understand how it all fits together. No-one has to do it all at the one time. Users can continue to edit their postings on our sites to link them all together; all the time improving their publicity. Since much injustice and bullying arises from Shonks and Shysters targeting/attacking Disabled people, we have integrated and linked this network into the Global Disability Network - (Canadian Stratum).

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