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Corrupt labor try to 'take down' websites of theirCorruption

PostPosted: Thu Dec 25, 2008 10:11 am
by russellm
Corrupt labor Governments try to 'take down' websites exposing their corruption.
Corrupt Queensland labor Government together with the corrupt Australian Government attempts to 'take down' websites exposing this corruption.

The corrupt Queensland labor government, by the person of a high ranking Commissioned Police Officer: Detective Superintendent Brian Hay, of the Queensland Police's Fraud and Corporate Crime Group, has attempted by devious means, to have my websites taken down. Detective Superintendent Brian Hay, of the Queensland Police's Fraud and Corporate Crime Group first attempted to shut down my WEBSITES and Bulletin Boards by threatening my web-host who was interstate to Queensland so this parasite cop had no jurisdiction. He used THREATS and INTIMIDATION. He first tried phoning, when that was ineffective, he followed with a fax, then with a posted letter. When that was ineffective, this parasite Detective Superintendent Brian Hay had his corrupt mates in the Australian Federal Police attempt to close my WEBSITES and Bulletin Boards. The Federal Police did not have the authority either. They then concentrated on just one file that they really wanted removed from the internet. This showed the origins of the corruption. The file was ... ralia.html /. This file carried copious quantities of documentary evidence linking this Association of labor Lawyers judge Julie Maree Dick, who was appointed by this corrupt Queensland labor Government, to ELECTORAL FRAUD. She married Mellifont after it became clear how corrupt he was and how that corruption was connected to the corrupt labor government of Wayne Goss. The threats and intimidation to my web-host included that this was a 'matter under investigation' and so the details could not be released to me. I have since moved my website including this file out of Australia..

The corrupt Qld labor government promoted the wife of Mellifont, this Julie Dick to be a judge of the District Court in Qld